We have one simple objective – To provide an effective, efficient and comprehensive training system, delivered to an exceptional technical and ethical standard, to promote friendship, co-operation and harmony through the study of martial arts.

SJJ Martial Arts is based on the values of the Bushido code. We believe it is just as important to train the mind as well as the body. Students will first develop striking, blocking and evasion skills before beginning their journey into traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu including, wrist locks, arm locks, throws, sweeps, pressure points, kata, weapon usage/defence and self-defence techniques.

Traditional dojo etiquette will be observed as the student begins to develop their mental state, focusing first on self-confidence and self-control. Once the student has achieved a base level and successfully amalgamated the confidence and control to apply basic technique to a good standard they will progress to the next stage. Our aim is to build our students to the best of their technical and mental ability. Our staggered approach to student learning has proven successful over the years, allowing students to develop at their own pace.
Ju-Jitsu as with all martial arts has a strict code of conduct, based on the above values, which students are expected to uphold and maintain both inside and outside the dojo.

SJJ Martial Arts is run by head instructors Renshi  Kevin Gunton (5th Dan), Renshi Adam Hitcham (5th Dan) they have over 50 years of experience between them having stared their training at a young age. Their formative years were spent directly under the tuition of 8th Dan Great Master Roy Fox, learning the teachings of the World Ju-Jitsu Federation syllabus as developed by Soke Robert Clarke. In the late 90’s the trio’s tuition was taken over by 8th Dan Great Master Steve Garrod and 7th Dan Master Steve St Clair, the last 20 years spent under their guidance and tuition has provided the platform for Kevin and Adam to achieve the grade and level they are today.

SJJ Martial Arts can trace its linage back to the very roots of the art in Feudal Japan.

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